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LAT. 14°05.0′N – LONG. 60°58.5′O


Presque quatre jours avant le prochain embarquement… WoW! J’ai le temps de faire un super post…

Peggy et Tim ne sont pas américains comme nous le croyions mais bien canadiens d’Ontario. Une autre couple intéressant qui vivent à distance. Ils ont choisi Bleu Marie comme rendez-vous d’amoureux. Ils en ont eu pleins les yeux et sont d’admirables photographes.

À vous de vous régaler!






Rayon vert, Bourg d’Arlet by night et flamboyants en fleur.






St. Lucia Pitons, pastèque et vin de Provence.






In and out, beautiful nature from Martinique


Merci Peggy et Tim de savoir apprécier le moment présent, la bouffe, le vin, la différence, vos hôtes et surtout, merci de savoir l’exprimer souvent et si gentiment.

J’oubliais nous avons vu dans le passage entre Sainte-Lucie et la Martinique, tout près, tout près, 3 pseudorques (baleines) et une gang de dauphins de Fraser à bédaines roses.


5 Commentaires

  1. Cool d’avoir des nouvelles du BLEUMARIE

  2. Merci beaucoup Michelle et Jean Pierre

  3. Des baleines ! Chanceux ! On en verra sûrement pas dans les prochains jours. On sera sur des motoneiges en Abitibi.

  4. Magnifiques photos!!!

  5. Before planning our Most Excellent Adventure aboard “Bleu Marie”, Peggy and I were charmed by our recent sailing adventures on Lake Ontario aboard our friends’ Hunter 45. We began scouting the market for a sailboat and indeed took a few for a spin. Of course, we all know that this is too big a plunge to take, considering Peggy’s limited time on the water, without some real experience. Our solution, book a week-long charter to see if this is indeed something we can live with. After our week aboard the “Bleu Marie”, we have concluded that this is something we can’t live without.

    We arrived in St. Lucia a day before our charter. We were filled with anticipation, and were very excited to begin our adventure. Jean Pierre met us at the Marina, and immediately put us at ease. He was patient and careful as we loaded the overflowing packs and duffles that carried everything we thought we might need (Just in case) into the dingy. It must be noted that he did not openly mock our obvious excesses. He wore his Bay Rum cologne, which is charming and distinctive, just like Jean-Pierre. In many ways he is the French Canadian version of Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean). He is clever, witty, with plenty of savoire faire, unassuming, well connected and extremely resourceful. We met Michele, and over a delicious “welcome drink” and were aquainted with Bleu Marie. We eased into the evening and quickly settled into what would quickly become our home away from home. Our first evening in Rodney Bay included fresh Mahi Mahi, excellent wine, even finer company, and a blood orange sunset to die for.

    Over the next week, in the morning we were indulged with bottomless cups of specialty brewed coffee, steamed milk, market fresh fruit, and various forms of breakfast served by Jean Pierre. Mornings were never rushed. We eased into our days and made our plans around our whims and the weather. We enjoyed daily snorkeling and were led by Michele into some of the clearest and most picturesque dive locations I have ever enjoyed. While we had a general plan, we were able to adjust somewhat according to our growing understandings and appreciation of the area. We flowed gracefully between St. Lucia and Martinique. Our craft expertly handled by Jean-Pierre and Michele. We could jump in and help with the rigging, or sit back and enjoy the view. We enjoyed shore excursions to exotic locations that in some cases were only known to locals, and Jean-Pierre of course. From Matinique’s spectacular beaches, to St. Lucia’s Mineral baths, preferred moorings in Anse Noire Martinique or exclusive mooring at the base of the Pitons, we enjoyed the very best the area has to offer. Jean Pierre and Michele’s knowledge and respect for the region has made them popular and well regarded by the locals. In turn, we were made to feel welcome as their guests.

    We can’t say enough about the cuisine we enjoyed. From afternoon snacks to gourmet style meals, Michele indeed has a unique talent and flair for fresh cuisine. Everything was produced fresh and from scratch in her galley on board. Our fare came from local fishermen, markets and paddle up delivery persons. I will never forget the smell of freshly grated cucumber, and the tanatalizing taste of her fresh tatziki, or her fresh chutney on pork tenrdloin.
    The hospitality we enjoyed was second to none. One instance comes fresh to mind every time I reflect. We thought we were in Canadian Tourist heaven when we were invited to lounge on the foredeck as we approached the Pitons in South St. Lucia. Peggy and I were basking in the beauty that is the world class coastline off of Soufrierre. To top the afternoon off, the hatch in front of was pressed open, and up came a delivery of two glasses of wine to help punctuate our pleasure.

    We highly recommend Bleu Marie, Michele and Jean-Pierre to anyone who wants to enjoy an intimate and authentic holiday in the Caribbean. We are already booking for next year. Merci Beaucoup mes amis, jusqu a que nous nous reverrons.

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